Do I need an appointment

Yes, we do require appointments. We only see one bride at a time to give our brides the best experience. If you are in the area and would like to take a peek, please stop in. We just ask that you make an appointment to come back in, if we are busy with an appointment.

How long are your appointments for

Our appointments are an hour. We only see one bride at a time to give our brides the Vesa experience. Please be on time to get the most out of your time with your Vesa Brides stylist.

Can I bring a large group with me

Big groups are fun. However, we think it's best to come, with no more than 4 people so that you can focus on you. Bring people that really know your style to help you decide on your dream dress. Too many people can turn a beautiful experience into a frustrating, overwhelming time. You have to have fun, think about your bridal style and the look you are trying to achieve.

Can I bring children to my appointment

We love kids, unfortunately our dresses had a bad experience with the little love bugs. Therefore, we ask that you try not to bring children to your appointment. Space is limited. We have all our gowns out on display for you to choose from.

Do you offer alterations

Yes, we do alterations.

Will I need Alterations

Yes, you will need alterations. We measure you and like to order the dress as close to your size as possible. Since these are custom gowns they come in a standard size. All bridal gowns need alterations to help fit your shape beautifully.

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